LG Hub Forms

Automate processes, streamline transactions and accelerate Workflows on any mobile device

LG Hub Forms enables Councils to eliminate manual paper-based forms, automate data capture and implement process improvements without requiring an entirely new infrastructure platform or stand alone forms application.

Interactive forms can be easily created and delivered to mobile device users in a matter of minutes, for use both on and off line. Data that’s captured in forms can be easily extracted and leveraged by back office systems to complete workflows and streamline transactions. LG Hub Forms enables users to submit complete, media-rich and error forms, anywhere, from any mobile or desktop device, securely and in real time.

Better Mobile Forms Experience:

  • No separate mobile app required to create, deliver or work with forms.
  • Forms can work across all mobile operating systems as well as on or offline.
  • Forms data is automatically and centrally synced from mobile devices
  • Scan QR/barcodes, perform calculations, capture signatures, attach pictures
  • In-depth data analytics and reporting on forms usage
  • Role-based access controls (get the right forms only to the right users)
  • Complete data security (AES 256 encryption)

LG Hub makes it easy to create and distribute forms to field workforces on their mobile devices for checklists, order/repair sheets, surveys, inspections, audits, site reviews, project reports, quizzes, equipment checks and more. Forms enables users to submit complete media-rich and effort free forms securely and in real time.