LG Hub for Mobileiron AppConnect ensures mobile business users can work seamlessly with enterprise content regardless of device while IT has the policy controls it needs to secure and manage Council data.

And with LG Hub for AppConnect mobile users can securely and efficiently engage with council content just as seamlessly as they can on a PC with LG Hub aggregating and distributing content enabling the entire content management life cycle from mobile devices.

  • Advanced security with AppConnect
  • Provides up to FIPS 140 level security
  • Automated app delivery
  • Early installation with administrative controls on which devices are allowed to connect.
  • Secure removal
  • Remote wipe LG Hub from the user’s device including secure removal of all content.
  • Pre-enrol configuration
  • Automatically deliver configuration details to LG Hub-remove user side set up issues.
  • VPN support
  • Provides integrated per app VPN support.
  • Multiplatform
  • Works on iOS and Android version of LG Hub.

LG Hub for Mobile AppConnect is the leading solution for securely delivering content and information to mobile device users. Since businesses began toying with the idea of using smart phones and tablets to boost employee productivity, the problem always was that innovation in tablet software was far behind innovation in tablet hardware. Those days are over now that we can truly work via mobile devices and security issues are troubles of the past.