Content Services

Delivering secure, organised content to mobile devices has become a baseline requirement for organisations looking to increase the productivity of their mobile workforce. But for many enterprises this is just the start.

Content usage has matured on mobile devices, driving the need to provide a range of services for users that help them to engage with content, work with content, learn from content and importantly create content on a mobile device.

LG Hub introduces Content Services to LG Hub. Content Services is a set of technologies that allows content delivered to LG Hub to be able to access a key set of features inside the hub secure container.

Content Services

LG Hub Content Services are designed to enable a user to work with content and an organisation to enable complex content centric systems. Content Services include:

Web Services

LG Hub includes a set of native APIs that enable locally rendered HTML5 based apps and other web content delivered to LG Hub to be able to access the native capabilities of LG Hub do more including the ability to run offline, view and interact with secure content stored in LG Hub, extend their ability to address the limited storage size of existing HTML5 local store and more enabling the creation of amazing new multimedia tools content pieces that now have access to the full features of LG Hub.

Content Display Services

While today’s mobile smartphones and tablets are getting more and more powerful, they often don’t allow PC style content (Flash, video, Microsoft Project and Visio and other apps) to display their content on the mobile device. Content Display Services provide the ability to display or render an extreme t=range of content types directly on the mobile device.

Contextual Content Services, Location based, Device based and Network based.

Contextual Content Services allow content to be delivered to a mobile device based on any combination of its location, network configuration and based on what kind of device is being used.

LG Hub Content Services is a set of technologies that provide capabilities to both content publisher and content consumer that create new opportunities for the use of mobile devices inside the enterprise.

Now with LG Hub Content Services, line of business users and Corporate IT can feel confident in deploying a solution that will scale from secure, organised content delivery, to provide rich engagement and productivity improvements no matter what the use case.