LG Hub

Securely manage and distribute Business Papers and Agendas to mobile devices.

Multi Platform

Powerful enterprise grade mobile content management and distribution on iOS, Android and Windows devices and as a Web App on Windows desktop and Mac desktop.

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Improve Productivity of your Mobile Workforce

Organise and automatically distribute role based content such a Work Method Statements and Operating Procedures that your mobile workforce use to improve their productivity.

Annotate, Create, Edit, Access, Share

You can allow users to annotate, create, edit, access and share content - all within the app.

LG Hub

LG Hub securely manages and distributes content to users on mobile devices.

Delivering real benefits to over 120 Councils in Australia and New Zealand, including better management and control of content, faster distribution of content and a great user experience, LG Hub is easy to implement and is scalable.

Users can easily find and navigate through content, edit, make bookmarks and annotations and much more, all within the app.

Council Business Papers
More than Business Papers
Mobility and IT Departments
Powerful Features
  • Improve the productivity and effectiveness of managing
    and distributing Business Papers

    Features and Benefits

    • Automatically deliver Business Papers and Agendas to a user’s mobile device

    • Organise documents so users can quickly find relevant content and can access content even if they are offline.

    • Meeting Events can be created in Calendars.

    • Open multiple files and save in a stack

    • Annotate and bookmark content and share annotations and comments with others

    • Full text search and users can take notes on their mobile devices using an editing tool.

    • Open multiple documents of different file types at one time

    • Gain insight into content that users are accessing to improve utilisation.

  • Provide users including Management and the Mobile Workforce with secure access to important content no matter where it resides on any mobile device

    Features and Benefits

    • Improve efficiency of the induction of Councillors and employees by presenting Councillor Guides, Policies and Procedures, Council Business Plan and much more-distribute the right content to the right people every time.

    • Automatically deliver content, interactive forms or knowledge that users need to do their job direct to their mobile devices as well as the ability to collaborate with experts to resolve issues faster.

    • Access content and collaborate in real time to speed up resolution

    • Embed content into work processes and capture data into forms to automate back-office transactions.

    • Deliver training content and videos and create links to online Council Training Courses to provide easy access for users to training material

  • For IT Departments that need to enable mobility, LG Hub ensures users have access to the content they need and the tools required to be productive on a mobile device without sacrificing IT security or compliance objectives

    Features and Benefits

    • Complete security including role-based access controls, 256 bit encryption (at rest and in motion) as well as fine grained content governance controls

    • Security features including remote content wipe and forced password change

    • Ability to add watermarks to sensitive content

    • Integrated, single application experience that provides an intuitive user experience that ensures end user adoption

    • Support for BYOD, across any mobile OS platform with out of the box integration with multiple content repositories and file sync and share systems

    • Rapid deployment that delivers immediate measurable value

  • LG Hub is a powerful, intelligent and secure solution that delivers the most relevant content to the right users automatically

    LG Hub works on iOS, Android and Windows tablets and phones and as a Web App on Windows desktop and Mac desktop

    • Automatically deliver content to any mobile device

    • Gain insight into content utilisation and value

    • Present content with complete fidelity on a mobile device

    • Secure content and govern how it’s used

    • Integrates with all existing content repositories

    • Automate processes with mobile interactive forms

Content Experience

Easily share content with mobile users regardless of where the content resides.

Integrated Platform

Provide your mobile users the tools they need to create, edit, annotate and share content anywhere.


Gain visibility into mobile content utilisation and determine what content is most used and most effective for your council.