Superior Content Management

Automatically deliver the right content to the right mobile device users, regardless of where the content resides, directly to their mobile device. Content is organized based on relevance, attributes and renders with complete fidelity on any mobile device.

  • Organize & deliver content based on relevance attributes (role/group, task, event, date/time, location, customer type, stage in a process & more)
  • Sync content changes from a repository directly to a user’s mobile device
  • Set size limits for how much space content can take up on a user’s device
  • Controlled authoring so users can only add, edit, delete or modify content within approved areas
  • Identify under utilised content that needs to be optimized or to be archived

Our visual search technology allows additional visual elements to be added to a content structure. Users can not only search through their content, inside files, rich media descriptions and metadata but also through internet feeds and people information.