LG Hub Platform

Securely manage and distribute Business Papers and much more to users on mobile devices.

LG Hub is powered by Bigtincan hub™. Bigtincan hub is an integrated, intuitive mobile content enablement platform that automatically delivers the content that mobile users need to do their job, organized in the context needed for their role or task, delivered in the right time frame directly to their mobile device, with all the automation and productivity tools needed to work with content.

  • One Integrated Platform

    Everything you need to access, customise, present, collaborate & share content while on a mobile device in one integrated, intuitive platform - Automatically “push” the most recent & relevant content to a user’s mobile device - All the tools to create, customise, annotate & share content - Work with content online or offline, on any mobile device or desktop - Capture data & automate manual processes with interactive forms - Completely customisable user interface (layout, colours, logos, fonts)
  • Incredible User Experience

    LG Hub delivers an incredible user experience that ensures rapid user adoption - Render any type of content with complete fidelity on any device - Present & share content in new and more impactful ways - Powerful content search, subscribe and collaboration capabilities - Workspace for users to access & work with content from personal repositories For users on the web, LG Hub provides a consumer-app like user experience for both content publishers and content viewers. Created in a native dynamic responsive design, LG Hub now brings the benefits of secure, controlled content enablement to everybody in the enterprise using a web browser. Users can view content published to them, share, edit, annotate and more – all from their web browser.
  • Superior Content Management

    Automatically deliver the right content to the right mobile device users, regardless of where the content resides, directly to their mobile device. Content is organized based on relevance, attributes and renders with complete fidelity on any mobile device. - Organize & deliver content based on relevance attributes (role/group, task, event, date/time, location, customer type, stage in a process & more) - Sync content changes from a repository directly to a user’s mobile device - Set size limits for how much space content can take up on a user’s device - Controlled authoring so users can only add, edit, delete or modify content within approved areas - Identify under utilised content that needs to be optimized or to be archived Our visual search technology allows additional visual elements to be added to a content structure. Users can not only search through their content, inside files, rich media descriptions and metadata but also through internet feeds and people information.
  • Complete Content Security

    LG Hub offers the most comprehensive security on the market that will meet the needs of the most stringent IT security teams. - Role-based access controls - Content governance controls - 256 bit data encryption (AES) - Mobile device whitelisting & remote content wipe - Add watermarks to sensitive content - Integration with LDAPs & Microsoft Active Directory - Single sign on & SMAL support
  • Content Intelligence & Analytics

    LG Hub’s Content Intelligence system provides visibility & fine-grained measurement of your content’s utilisation as well as intelligence for content that is most relevant given a number of attributes such as a mobile user’s role, association, an organisation’s particular industry or customer type or content that’s best used at a particular stage in a process, time, location & more. - Detailed measurement and reporting of content used. - Generate and schedule Reports to gain insight in user utilisation. - Gain visibility into content that experts use and share that knowledge.
  • Powerful Communications Hub

    Extend your communications capabilities. You now have the ability to send secure messages between individual users or entire groups, real-time audio and video chatting, linking content to social networks, on-the-fly presentation broadcasting to remote meeting participants as well as the ability to subscribe and follow specific LG Hub users and content in the system.