Citrix MDX

LG Hub for Citrix MDX takes the award winning technology of Bigtincan hub and delivers it to Citrix MFD users in a natively integrated fashion.

LG Hub is the industry’s leading mobile content management platform powering the mobile productivity revolution with its integrated suite of technologies allowing users to make the most of their mobile devices.

LG Hub for Citrix MDX delivers the full power of mobile productivity to users looking to maximise the control and management capabilities of Citrix MDX.

An integrated solution to secure mobile user productivity LG Hub for Citrix MDX provides driver the ultimate solution for secure delivery of content with LG Hub’s integrated mobile user productivity platform.

By combining LG Hub and Citrix MDX users can take advantage of the power of LG Hub to deliver, edit, annotate, share and be productive with content, all managed by the power of Citrix MDX technologies.