LG Hub brings mobile productivity, social intelligence and any time, any where access to the files your Council has stored on Box.

Use Box as a single file repository and gain uninterrupted enterprise collaboration, office editing, social engagement and intelligence with one simple integration.

By leveraging the integration between Box and LG Hub your Council can measurably improve productivity, and rich media, leverage social intelligence and abd unlock the potential of enterprise mobility.

The combined solutions allows Councils to expand the reach of its content, add location based controls, rich media interaction for file formats like PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project and many more... all while increasing overall security and auditability.

With Box’s world-class collaboration capabilities and LG Hub’s mobile productivity platform, customers can finally realise the the promise of mobile computing.

Bigtincan hub was recognised by Box as a top new app in their OneCloud program. The combination of Bigtincan hub/LG Hub and Box provide an end to end content management solution that delivers incredible collaboration with unmatched productivity capabilities.