Business Notes taken by organisational field workers are the lifeblood of many organisations. And since dawn of the notepad and pen, workers inside organisations have been creating their own notes to keep track of their to dos, action items, information and more.

The problem is that these notes don’t have a home – often lost or forgotten – and are severely limited in their ability to represent the modern digital world. The knowledge worker of the 21st century needs a tool to help them to make the most of their business engagements through Notes that are powerful and yet easy to use.

And while the mobile device revolution has helped put personal notes in the digital hands of people the world over using simple “consumer notes apps”, these approaches to notes have become a management nightmare for enterprise IT and security managers inside today’s enterprise. Business managers are faced with having to find a way to enable to mobile device users to create Notes, but at the same time to be sure that existing enterprise grade security and control measures are maintained.

And more and more, its the entire organisation that needs to benefit from these Notes – information that would otherwise remain as a “personal note” needs to be freed to help others in the organisation learn from the work done by the mobile field - its about taking specialist or expert’s knowledge in the field and bringing it to the entire organisation.

LG Hub Secure Notes

LG Hub brings enterprise grade, secure, intelligent and social note taking capabilities to our award winning mobile productivity application.

Now users can create personal notes, including taking advantage of the mobile platform to create truly multi media notes including text, drawings, voice, image, video and web content. These Notes are stored securely in LG Hub’s cloud process or behind the corporate firewall with maximum security using the LG Hub On Premise Server model.

Notes are stored securely inside a user’s MyChannel right in LG Hub running on their mobile device, are then synced securely to the LG Hub server (Cloud or On Premise) and made available instantly on other devices or the web. All Notes are recorded for auditing and management and even user deleted Notes are able to be restored by the corporate administrator for later use. Users are then optionally permitted to share their Notes with other system users by copying Notes to designated LG Hub Channels, share their Notes by email and personally edit and delete notes on the fly.

But enterprise grade secure Notes means a lot more than just allowing users to create, store and share. With LG Hub Notes, the content users create can optionally be added top the LG Hub Content Intelligent (ContentIQ) service to provide automatic recommendations of Notes to other users in the organisation where that Note content is relevant to a business situation.

With LG Hub and LG Hub Secure Notes, mobile device users get significant personal productivity gains through the ability to create organised, easy to use, multimedia powered personal notes – that fit the organisation’s corporate control and security policies, and that help others to automatically share and learn from the Notes they create.

Key Features


  • Note title and Note body text with rich media features (full text edit features).
  • Add HTML content right into Notes
  • Add voice Notes
  • Add photos and videos
  • All content from Notes shown in the same panel
  • Online and offline Notes with full synchronisation.


  • Works with ContentIQ to recommend Notes content to others.
  • Feeds user reputation and badging based on quality of Notes created


  • Display with Note and attachment detail inside LG Hub MyChannel
  • Optional rights to move Notes to other Channels for sharing (based on user rights)
  • Share by email from within Notes
  • Delete on device
  • Auto archiving on server
  • Full Admin oversight for Notes
  • Auto sync Notes to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Web)


  • Content encryption on device and server
  • Secure over the air transmission
  • Remote wipe of all content including Notes
  • Restrict Notes to personal Channels
  • View archive for reporting and auditing