LG Hub Version 4 is here!



Bigtincan announced yesterday the release of Bigtincan hub version 4.0 which is now available on the Apple App Store.

LG Hub is based on Bigtincan hub and has pioneered the market for managing and distributing mobile content securely based on Bigtincan hub, a powerful platform that allows Councils of all sizes to maximise the productivity of their elected members and workforce using mobile devices.

For thousands of users throughout Australian and New Zealand, LG Hub enables their Council to mobilise their business processes to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time- all in a highly secure and manageable platform. LG Hub is designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding organisations.

With the latest release of Bigtincan hub 4.0, LG Hub extends the power of the system with over 100 new features and improvements that have been designed to enable users to take advantage of the latest mobile device hardware and operating system capabilities.

There have also been dramatic improvements in the latest LG Hub/hub web application, so users can have a consistent experience across all devices.

To read up on all the latest changes with hub 4.0 download this PDF

For a demo of V4 please click here