Increased Productivity

LG Hub does much more than Business Papers

Councillor Induction

LG Hub can be used to efficiently manage and distribute important content regarding induction for new and returning Councillors.
Content such as:

  • Councillor Guides
  • Professional Development Program
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Long Term Plans
  • Annual Plans
  • Updates on major Capital Works Projects
  • Meetings Schedules
  • Media Policy

Content can be quickly and easily published in LG Hub saving time and money and ensuring it is efficiently distributed to end users.

Management and Mobile Workforce

Provide users including Management and the Mobile Workforce with secure access to important content no matter where it resides on any mobile device.

Access content and collaborate with other Managers in real time to speed up resolution.

Improve induction of employees by presenting content such as On Boarding, Policies and Procedures, Council Business Plan and much more-distribute the right content to the right people every time.

Automatically deliver content such as Work Method Statements, OH&S and interactive forms or knowledge that users need to do their job direct to their mobile devices as well as the ability to collaborate with experts to resolve issues faster.

Embed content into work processes and capture data into forms to automate back-office transactions.


Create and deliver training content and videos and create links to online Council Training Courses to provide easy access to users to training material.