Case Studies

Councils are discovering new and innovative ways to extend the use and benefits that LG Hub delivers.

Case Studies have been developed to show how four Councils have successfully discovered innovative ways to extend the use of LG Hub within their Councils.

Randwick Council

Randwick Council initially deployed LG Hub to manage business papers and to support councillor induction training. Since then it has also been used for the preparation of the Annual Budget so that all Budget documents and supporting information is delivered to Council Managements’ iPads using LG Hub and all Strategic Planning Documents are now available for key Managers and Councillors in LG Hub. Updates are distributed immediately and only the current versions of these documents are accessible.

Maps, News Bulletins, Human Resources Policies and updates on all major projects and more are all available to users on LG Hub to give users immediate access to up to date content.

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Singleton Council

Singleton Council introduced LG Hub for distributing business papers with the objective of going “paperless” for Council Meetings. Singleton then looked at other ways to improve productivity and used LG Hub to distribute 90 Work Method Statements replacing the A5 Folders. This ensures that all updated and new Work Method Statements are immediately available for all employees.

All Parks and Gardens Staff have iPads which they carry with them in the field are Singleton are extending this to others in their field based workforce.

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Wellington Council

Wellington City Council who are successfully using LG Hub to distribute Business Papers to Councillors and other content to their District Licensing Committees, Grants Committees and much more where LG Hub has "made a massive difference... and proven to be a major time saver."

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Augusta Margaret River Shire Council

Augusta Margaret River Shire Council successfully implemented LG Hub for the management and distribution of Business Papers and more and as Zoe Cunningham said "We went paperless in two months, faster than we had originally planned."

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